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Layla Hagen has a new book out now!

Ruling his LA hotel empire through determination and hard work, Reid Davenport is a mystery to many. Despite the media’s interest in him, Reid steers clear of the limelight--until his life is broadcast in the tabloids, endangering not only his privacy, but that of his parents and his little sister.

He’d do anything to protect them…except listen to the fiery and intelligent PR pro, who's as beautiful as she is tempting. Every time she walks into his office, he fantasizes about bending her over his desk and kissing her. Every time she smiles at him, he wants to pull her closer and not let go.

Hailey Connor doesn’t take on uncooperative clients. But the second she meets Reid, she’s compelled to stay and help, even if she must fight his own broody ass to do it. He’s bossy, demanding and so sinfully alluring that she knows she's in over her head. Reid may be infuriating, but when he talks about his family, she can’t help but melt a little.

With every kiss, they grow closer. With every touch, they fall deeper. They’re opposites…yet perfect matches. But when their different worlds collide, will it tear them apart or bring them together?

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This did not Appeal to me at all.

This was not for me. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Appeal was the story, supposedly, of a woman, Brooklyn Meyers, and a man, Lucas Black, and their “love story”. It was full of toxic masculinity and terrible actions on both parties’ part. Like what the hell. Brooklyn Meyers is a child advocate lawyer as explained in the first book and she was really confident in her job. But Lucas was being very overprotective and almost overbearing. He had almost no redeeming qualities that I could see and the fact that he was an asshole to her and didn’t really apologize as such. He just sexed her up.

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Be very Tempt(ed) by this cover reveal

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Booknerds of all ages! Gather around as I reveal the gorgeous cover of Natalia Jaster's newest book: Tempt. First, a bit of background if you please. A word of warning though, if you haven't yet picked up Torn, minor spoilers are in store. She once loved a hero—until he… Continue reading Be very Tempt(ed) by this cover reveal

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Instagam? *shakes head* Bookstagram *nods vigrously*

Hi. Hello. How are you? My name is Angela and I was asked to guest post today! (Blushes behind screen). I’ve had the great opportunity to get to know Raquel these last couple of months as we are both reps for Belle’s Book Sleeves. Who knew that I would find a wonderful friend on Bookstagram?… Continue reading Instagam? *shakes head* Bookstagram *nods vigrously*

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Release Blitz! Driving Me Wild by Mia Carter

Today we have the pre-release blitz of DRIVING ME WILD by Mia Carter! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today! Title: Driving Me Wild Author: Mia Carter Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Day: September 16th About Driving Me Wild: I never in a million years thought that finding a lost pair of… Continue reading Release Blitz! Driving Me Wild by Mia Carter

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One (not so) Shameless Night

One Shameless Night by A.M. Hargrove The second book in the Contemporary Romance Series West Sisters published September 5th by Rating: Goodreads The line between love and hate has never been so explosive.The first time I saw Alessandro, two things came to mind. Sexy and naked. You get the idea.Thanks to him, my flight from… Continue reading One (not so) Shameless Night

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Mason is better than Falcon. There I said it.

Mason is better than Falcon. The sheer amount of character growth within the first half of the book alone is astounding. Mason is the second book in the Trinity Academy Series by Michelle Heard and to tell you the truth, I am so hyped for Lake, it's slightly unhealthy. Mason and Kingsley are the cutest couple ever! They fight like an old married couple and make up like the young couple they are.

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Here kitty kitty! (a review of Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan)

The Tiger Queen was more than just about a girl finding her destiny. It was about finding yourself. As cheesy as that sounds. Kateri was a young girl shaped and manipulated by those around her in order to use her for the throne. Kateri was the ultimate warrior queen throughout the book. She had her mind totally changed and rechanged through The Tiger Queen and I was in awe of the strength that she carried through in everything. Kateri became a part of the group that she had sworn to destroy in order to become stronger than her enemy.