Review Policy

I am NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING, any physical and digital of books to review. Digital must be in .mobi format. Contact can be made through my email: or through Netgalley, Edelweiss, or Booksirens. Physical copies are preferable. (They take better pictures and it’s more likely to end up on my Instagram.)

I disclose how a copy was provided in the individual reviews and I do keep the copies afterwards. Unless I don’t like it, in which case it becomes a prize in a giveaway. I accept money for reviews but that does not guarantee that it will be positive. The money is for my time, not my opinion.


  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Fantasy
  • YA
    • YA Romance
  • NA
  • Adult
  • General Fiction
  • Sci-fi & Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Historical Romance

Genres I don’t read:

  • Nonfiction
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Horror

I try to be nice in my reviews but I have little filter. If I am participating in a blog tour and I find that I do not like the book, I will wait until after the blog tour to post my review.

I review every book whether I like it or not. I respond to every single review request whether I intend to review the book or not.

If the book is an ARC, I ask that there is ample time between the request date and the publishing date. Otherwise, the review is up approximately one (1) month after I receive the book.

I don’t schedule reviews unless it’s a blog tour, or otherwise asked.

I post my reviews on these websites:

  • Here (114 followers and 1000unique visitors a month)
    • From this blog, it is accessible through Tumblr (270 followers), Facebook (36 likes), and Twitter (36 followers)
  • I do occasionally post a review on Instagram (1080 followers), though that is not guaranteed.
  • Amazon
  • Goodreads (99 friends)
  • Barnes and Noble : Pen name: Bookishly_Nerdy

I apologize if this sounds brusque , I don’t mean it to. But I am firm in this policy.

Thank you for considering me as a way to advertise your book.