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Hunt The Fae by Natalia Jaster: A review

Hunt The Fae

by Natalia Jaster

Hunt The Fae by Natalia Jaster

The second book in the Dark Fables: Vicious Faeires series, self published April 30, 2021


The moment I step into Faerie, I become his. Everyone knows about the Fae of the forest—gorgeous, sinful, deadly. When I trespass into their magical world, I need more than my sharp tongue to survive. Especially against the ruler of the woodland. Puck is a smooth-talking rogue with a cruel smirk that sets me aflame in more ways than one. And because the Fae bastard likes to play with his captives, he gives me two choices: either hunt or be hunted. Now I’m trapped in a dangerous game of hide and seek, lost in this dark, seductive realm where Faeries wield blades and whisper lustful temptations from the shadows. He’s the predator. I’m the prey. But I’m not submitting without a fight. I refuse to be Puck’s toy. If my rakish enemy wants to hunt me, I’ll hunt him back and beat him at his own treacherous game. Yet I can’t resist the wicked desire in his eyes, nor his heated touch and devious kiss. And if I’m not careful, he’ll crush my very soul. For fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Holly Black, Laura Thalassa, CN Crawford, Emma Hamm, and Miranda Honfleur. Warning: This is NA/New Adult fantasy romance with explicit sexual content and language. For mature readers 18+. Step into the Dark Fables World, where defiant mortals and deceitful faeries clash. Hunt the Fae is the second book in Natalia Jaster’s hot fantasy romance series, Vicious Faeries. If you like forbidden love, enemies to lovers, angst with heart, and a slow burn that ignites between a prickly huntress and devilish dark lord, prepare to swoon like a human.

I have had the utter joy to have discovered Natalia Jaster after her second book: Trick, part of the Foolish Kingdoms series. She was gearing up for the release of the second book in the series: Dare. Her third book. Her first book, Touch, was amazing. I devoured it.

Trick was a single sitting read for me, as was much of the series. The difference is that I learned I could not wait with the rest of the world to see what other fantastical stories and amorous couples would sprout from Natalia’s head. After I read Dare, I applied to her street team. I received a free Advance Readers Copy for my honest review and I have endeavored to do so at every release since.

It has been five (5) books since I joined and each one I say is the greatest I’ve read from her. I will continue to say so. Her writing matures and flows and grows along with her readers. I adore it so so much.

The way she weaves old tales that we all somehow grew up listening to and learning from, familiar tales, with her amazing storytelling and provocative and attractive characters is next level.

Juniper is so relatable to anybody remotely identifying as bookish. She lives and breathes her books, memorizing her favorite ones and quoting them whenever the occasion arises. And even sometimes when the occasion isn’t there.

Puck is the mischievous adorable rogue that we all know and love. I think that’s why Hunt The Fae is great. Because Puck is an extremely old character. But in Hunt The Fae, Puck is all at once, brand new and centuries old. Jaster doesn’t try to change his characteristics that we all recognize from the various plays and any faerie book that mentions the Old Courts. She merely enhances them and adds to them.

It’s an issue because I have another book boyfriend now….

The moral of this fable is that one should listen to one’s head alongside one’s heart(cue Nothing is Written by Mumford and Sons) and Jaster displayed that perfectly.

The heat and sass and wit that Juniper and Puck had and played off of each other words was superb. The characters fell in and out of love with each other, themselves and all surrounding them. This lowkey enemies to lovers is something that Jaster does so well. She displays that is her Selfish Myths and Foolish Kingdoms series and continues to that in this Vicious Faeries series.

Please read this, it’s the perfect form of escapism.

But also what’s Elixir doing?!

Let me know what you think!

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