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Silence by Demelza Carlton, an audiobook review


by Demelza Carlton

narrated by Mary Sarah


The fifth book in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series, the Audiobook was published by Demelza Carlton in 2020


A little mermaid. A prince to save. Only silence can break the spell.

Once upon a time…

The mermaid Margareta saved Prince Erik from a shipwreck. Wanting to see the prince again, Margareta strikes a bargain with the Master of Beacon Isle. If she saves his sons from a terrible curse, he will reunite her with Prince Erik. All she has to do is stay silent until the curse is broken.

Silence is a virtue…until Prince Erik arrives early, searching for the mermaid who saved his life.

Can two hearts speak louder than words?

Honestly, it was very fast to listen to.

Like I think in two loads of laundry you can listen to it in it’s entirety.

Which made it very enjoyable to me. I was able to read a book in a short afternoon and actually complete work too. Something that I was constantly having trouble with in terms of traditional books. Nonetheless as a retelling it was a little strange.

I do know quite a bit of information about Hans Christen Anderson, the writer of The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen and quite a few other fairytales. In fact, supposedly, Anderson wrote The Little Mermaid as a sort of love letter to his lover. His male lover. Anderson was queer in a time where that meant certain death. It is said that Anderson actually wrote The Little Mermaid imagining himself and his boyfriend in place of the little mermaid and the prince.

In the original story, the little mermaid falls in love with a human and gives up her voice for a chance to make him fall in love with her as a human. However, within the time frame she’s given she fails to do that. To help her, her sisters give all their hair to give her power.

Ultimately, the prince never falls in love with her and she and (if I’m not mistaken) all her sisters become sea foam.

So yeah…. Not exactly a wedding ship underneath a magical rainbow.

But SILENCE was so much better than that. Instead of sisters, Margareta has brothers. Except these brothers made an appearance in REVEL and we don’t like them. Instead of being about falling in love, strictly, the mermaid needed to stay silent to help her father and family. Instead of actively falling in love, Margareta actively tried to not fall in love. She rebelled so much.

It was kinda cute.

Erik was super sweet and overall it was a very enjoyable book. There was nothing said outright in terms of anything that might be triggers but it was definitely talked about and there were themes of feminism very prominent all throughout.

I highly recommend this for an afternoon read!

Let me know what you think!

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