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Revel by Demelza Carlton, an audiobook review


by Demelza Carlton

narrated by Mary Sarah


The fourth book in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series, the Audiobook was published by Demelza Carlton in 2020


Twelve princesses. One wounded soldier. A mystery that must be solved. Once upon a time… Princess Bianca is sent with her sisters to the summer palace, a place no maiden has ever returned from. While her sisters seem perfectly happy, she has only one desire: escape. Vasco, a wounded soldier on his way home from war, stumbles across the summer palace and sets out to solve the mystery no man has managed to yet. If only they let him live long enough… Can the fair maiden and the wounded soldier uncover the sinister secret before it’s too late?

This is REVEL, the fourth book in ROMANCE A MEDIEVAL FAIRYTALE series by Demelza Carlton.

So confession time: the only version of the 12 dancing princesses I know is the Barbie one. Which doesn’t have anything terrible happening to anyone.

This one was different.

I really enjoyed REVEL. It was completely different take on the little bit I do know about the original story. And I’ve finally figured out how it’s a connected series: each book has at least one character from the previous novel.

The only but I don’t love is that each book ends pretty predictably.

Besides that, the stories are captiving.

Let me know what you think!

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