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Reading with kids: Quarantine Edition 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I know people with small kids are kind of scratching their brain and going just a little bit crazy trying to entertain them.

My aunt, a daycare owner, was being driven crazy from my cousin asking which books she could read now. She called me and I was able to set up a bookshelf on my goodreads just for her. It’s got recommendations and books that she’s told me she wanted to read before.

Later on, she can use it as a jumping off point for her own goodreads. Then I thought that other people can use this too.

If y’all have a goodreads, make a shelf for your little ones. If they are old enough, show them how to work it. It keeps them interacting with books and lets them pick a book out to read by themselves. Make sure to check to see if your library has a digital edition of whatever book they show interest in before suggesting a read!

Let me know how this experiment works out with your little ones!

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