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This is Transcendental


by Natalia Jaster

The fourth and last book in the self-published New Adult Fantasy Romance series Selfish Myths


An arrogant deity, a snarky archeress, and a rebellious attraction. He’s the rakish God of Envy. All vain smirks and conceit. I’m the spitfire Goddess of Sorrow. All edgy vibes and sarcasm. For a pair of outcast deities, we’re one hot magical mess. He’s hardly amused by my prickly attitude. And I don’t have time for his narcissistic crap. Too bad we’re stuck with one another. A magic battle against the ruthless Fate Court has begun. Transported into an enemy realm of celestial seas and starlight, this sexy, irritating archer and I weren’t supposed to get separated from our band of rebel immortals. In the midst of a war, we weren’t supposed to end up lost in an enclave of dark, mythical waterfalls. And we definitely weren’t supposed to end up alone. Not with each other. *Mature young adult/new adult: sexual content and language. For readers 17 and older.*

Natalia Jaster has a way with words that holds a reader utterly captive.

If we thought that Tempt was hot, Transcend is a million times hotter. Think Jude and Carden but hooking up all the time.


It was never gratuitous, though. Envy and Sorrow are so absolutely amazing. Their characters and relationships with themselves and each other grew so much it’s kind of unbelievable. The journey that they both take is one that perhaps all people need to go through.

The plot, since this is the last book in the series, was thick! Our Merry band of rebels went to their beginnings and boy did we get some stories about their origin. Not just that though, we got their future too. Love, Andrew, Anger, Merry, Wonder, Malice, Sorrow and Envy had managed to do the impossible and have feeling and sentiments and create bonds between themselves. It’s reminiscent of the issues currently happening in the world, whereupon people have lost all compassion for each other.

Their band of rebels changes the world with love.

And Natalia Jaster’s writing really shines in this one. Also I adore how she managed to name all the books in the series in the final books. Both here and in Dream while still leaving it just open enough for fanfiction.

Let me know what you think!

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