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Bookish Journals-Yay or Nay?

Hello booknerds!

This year, I’ve endeavored to become more organized and better at keeping track of my books than I was last year.

(never mind that I’ve already failed)

In 2019, I had, towards the end of the year, started a bookish journal. I was at Barnes and Nobel one day and saw a really cute journal with blank pages, a hidden spiral and an empowering quote on the cover. ON SALE! So I bought it with the idea of housing my book reviews in it’s pages already forming in my mind. Previously, I had tried the bookish journals that are available on the internet, the ones that we have to keep downloading and claim they are completely customizable but truthfully aren’t. And it was really annoying. The printer paper pages were much too long and wide to be kept in a little notebook, and it was a giant drain on the printer since I needed more pages every few days.

With the blank pages in my new notebook, I was totally up for customizing everything about this journal. Since I’m not much of one for lettering or drawing, no matter how hard I try, I enlisted my sister for help making the cover page. I filled up the book with a TBR page so it’s just a quick flip away, and pages for my thoughts on all my arcs as well as the books that aren’t required of me. Books that I read just because.

I used the colors I wanted and I wrote down the information I wanted to have ready. Since I was using it mainly as an ARC journal, the genre, publishing date and company and the author were all must haves. But I didn’t really use it every day. Nor with every arc. I had blank pages where I should have seen at least some writing. My thoughts were disorganized and my reviews were becoming harder to write. So at the end of last year, I decided that while I was bring new things to my profiles, both in my social and on the blog, I was also going to be better organized.

No more overlapping blog tours because I wasn’t paying attention to my planner.

No more backed up arcs (after I finish these that I have left).

No more not sleeping.

Since I knew which arcs were due at which times this month, I went ahead and wrote down the entries already. Now, I just need to fill in my thoughts.

Are you guys going to do something similar this year?

Let me know!

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