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She’s With Me by Jessica Cusolo Review

She’s With Me

by Jessica Cunsolo

She’s With Me

A Teens & YA Romance novel published by Wattpad Books on January 7th , 2020


Jessica Cunsolo’s She’s with Me is a kaleidoscope of modern day teen romance, revenge thriller, and over-the-top excitement. It’s Mean Girls meets Gone Girl meets The Client, as the story twists and turns around its fierce female lead, leading to a heart-racing cliffhanger . . . Telling the truth is sometimes harder than keeping a secret… Standing out as the new girl is hard enough, but add in Amelia Collins’s dangerous past, and her life depends on sneaking through senior year unnoticed. But when she crashes into the school’s most infamous heartthrob, Aiden Parker, on her first day, she’s suddenly on everyone’s radar, and as Amelia becomes immersed in a new group of friends, keeping a low profile won’t be an option—even if it’s a necessity.

It read a little, at least in the beginning, like a slightly differentMean Girls

It’s been forever since I read Wattpad but the quality has gone up. That being said, if you hate cliffhangers, don’t read this book just yet.

In She’s With Me, the character development, for me, left a little to be desired. Especially as pertains to Amelia and her group of friends. They spend nearly 90% of the book together but the changes each of the characters goes through aren’t very distinguishable except for a certain few instances. I would have liked to have seen a little more details.

The burgeoning relationship between Amelia and Aiden was really sweet and cute. I adored it’s innocence. Would an Aiden POV chapter have made the whole thing better? Yes, at least for me. But this is just the lead in for what promises to be an awesome series.

Let me know what you think!

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