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I am head over heels for Truly, Madly, Royally

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Truly, Madly, Royally

Debbie Rigaud

A Contemporary Young Adult Romance published by Point on July 30th, 2019


An #ownvoices Point Paperback original that is like The Princess Diaries for this generation — pure wish-fulfillment fun, from new talent Debbie Rigaud.

Zora Emerson is not here to play. She’s enrolled in a prestigious summer program, and is ready to use what she’s learning to change the world (or at least her corner of New Jersey, for now).

Zora’s not expecting to vibe with any of her super-privileged classmates. So she’s shocked to find she’s got chemistry with Owen Whittelsey, who is charming, funny, undeniably cute…and turns out to literally be a prince. As in, his parents are the king and queen of a small European country. What?

Suddenly, Zora’s summer is looking a lot more complicated — especially when Owen asks her to be his date at his older brother’s wedding. Can her feelings for Owen, not to mention her sense of self, survive the royal chaos?

Debbie Rigaud brings sparkling humor and insight to this empowering romantic comedy that’s all about ruling your own destiny.

I adored this book so much!!!

The similarities between the real life royal wedding were tough to not notice but besides that it was amazing.

The writing was witty and funny and fresh. It was imaginative and descriptive and glorious.

It’s my own fault when people confuse me for an employee

here. I have the bad habit of inserting myself in other people’s conversations,

then showing them how to use to book request kiosk…

On the whole, Truly, Madly, Royally was a little bit of fresh take on the whole royal/normal love affair. Owen was completely down to earth and real and it was super cute how he tried to tread carefully in navigating the beginning of an interracial relationship.

The interracial aspect was a sticking point in this relationship. Zora, understandably, had a little bit of a chip on her shoulder when it came to navigating these waters. Not that she wasn’t open to it, because she was but there were things that were glaringly obviously different between the two love interests. Not only the socioeconomic status of the two of them but also the different races and different proposed outcome when posed with a problem.

As much as I want to act like I’ve forgotten Owen,

I’m not going to convince him of this when I’m

holding the Landerel travel guide in my hands.

That’s not to say that neither of them were willing to bend to the other person’s situation or thinking.

That was actually the greatest part of this book. They were both willing to learn off one another. And in completely unconventional ways.

Zora and her family had the cutest relationship and I loved reading about her father and her mother and her best friend that kept her on track while simultaneously falling in love with her brother.

It was wacky and loud and obnoxious and at times completely rude and real.

The summer sun gives my skin a moisturized glow that brown skin loves, and for Owen, there’s a freckled tan that doesn’t darken his skin but reddens it in the areas most exposed to the sun, like his forehead and his cheekbones.

The relationships showcased in this book were real. And that is amazing writing.

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