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First Line Fridays (6/14/19)

Originally by Wandering Words

“Trees are not supposed to have favorites. But they had always been slightly partial to May Bird.”

Have you guessed it yet?

I started out with an easy one. It’s one of my favorites.

MAY BIRD AMONG THE STARS (book two of the May Bird series) by Jodi Lynn Anderson

This book was given to me in middle school and I always go back to re-read it.

May Bird has always been a bit…different. While most of her classmates were riding their bikes, she was running around the woods dressed as a warrior princess with her hairless cat at her side. And instead of spending summer vacation at birthday parties, May was discovering a mysterious lake hidden among the trees — and stumbling into the land of ghosts, the Ever After.

A fearful and fantastic realm located among the stars, the Ever After is full of all manner of things that go bump in the night. And if May is to find her way out again, she must reach the mysterious Lady of North Farm, who lives in a cold, forbidding land that even the spooks find spooky.

With her courageous (yet melancholy) kitty and a ragtag group of spectral friends she’s picked up along the way, May is determined to escape the Afterlife. But first she must face her very worst fears, and there’s no telling who will make it through…or who will be left behind.

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