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Hello my fellow booknerds!

How are you this fine day? I hope well.. I am currently in New York attending BookCon2019 and I’m super excited!

But all these books got me thinking… would you guys want to create an online book club?

It would be entirely online, and I’m thinking it would be a forum like group on a “server” type of chat like Discord. It would be reading on your own time with a “download” chat at the end of the month. We could “officially meet” every month or every other month(I know y’all are busy).

We could vote on which books to read, as long as every so often we make sure to read a book written by an author of color and we include a book that is nonfiction. The books couldn’t be expensive or hard to get. Most of the beginning books would be “old” books. Just comment on this post or email me with the subject line: “Online Book Club” to let me know that you want to join.

This is merely the announcement post. If enough people want to join then we will create the group and discuss the options.

Please do the above survey. It’s just to get the general idea.

Comment below and let me know what you think about this idea!

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