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Tuesday’s Tour (April 30,2019)

So Y’all remember how I wanted to have less when I checked back in with you?

Yeah that didn’t exactly happen. No I have more.

Despite the fact that I didn’t check in last week (for which you can read my apology letter here.), I somehow have accumulated more books to read.


  • Ever Alice
  • Bring Down the Stars
  • Long Live the Beautiful Hearts.
    • These three are three months old now….
  • Storm and Fury
  • King of fools (which is due today.)
  • Kingdom of exile
  • Million Dollar Devil
  • Love from A to Z (also due today)
  • Bright Burning Stars
  • Say you still love me
  • That Second Chance.


(what other includes are books from PR companies or street teams or other sources that aren’t Netgalley or Edielweiss.)

  • In Other Words
  • A Secret novel from Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy
  • Shadow and Flame


(these are the books that I’m either currently reading and/or want to read because the series is ending or what have you.)

  • Junk Mail
  • My Life in Shambles
  • Shadow Me
  • Dark Harmony
  • War (when it comes out)
  • Torn (when she emails me the ARC)
  • The Bride Test (which comes out next month)

Yeah I didn’t do so well…..

How about you guys? What’s your TBR looking like?

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